AFP Technology Products

  Filmetrics Inc.
Filmetrics is the industry leader in delivering affordable and easy-to-use thin-film instruments for measuring film thickness (30 Angstroms to 450 micrometers), index of refraction, and film deposition rates. Systems available from UV to Visible to NIR wavelengths. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications.
  Cerium Laboratories, LLC
Is a world class analytical laboratory with over 20 years of materials characterization experience headquartered in Austin, Texas. Cerium Labs offer an extensive array of analytical techniques including electron imaging, surface science, mass spectroscopy and chemical analysis and provides expert analysis that allows leading edge companies to drive the technology for their industries.
  • Advanced Materials Research: Composition Analysis; Microstructure; Surface Characterization
  • Manufacturing Support: Process Control; Environment Testing; Process Development; Failure Analysis – Root Cause Analysis
  • Raw Materials Qualification: Solvents and Acids; Ultra Pure Water; Bulk solids; Gases
  Qcept Technologies Inc.
Support and service for legacy Qcept Q-5000 NVD Inspection Systems.

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