Over 40 Years of Knowledge and Experience In Sales of Scientific Instrumentation, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Analysis


Who Are We?

As a trusted third-party manufacturer's representative, we have built a comprehensive selection of profilometers, nanoindenters, thin film reflectometers, sheet-resistance tools, and defect inspection and metrology systems. These high-quality instruments cater to the needs of industry experts, academics, and other innovators, providing them with reliable measurements that facilitate the development of groundbreaking technologies worldwide.  We can also provide expert analysis that allows leading-edge companies to drive the technology for their industries.

Unlock The Yields You Deserve

As stated by Genichi Taguchi, the goal is to achieve the highest yield attainable. Taguchi methods, a dynamic quality improvement framework, necessitate the elimination of barriers that obstruct this objective. To expedite this process, manufacturers must leverage cutting-edge inspection technologies. AFP Technology proudly delivers these innovative solutions to our valued customers within the semiconductor industry.

How Can We Help You?

Our philosophy is straightforward: we aim for you to be our valued customer. This is achieved through delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our commitment extends to offering robust service and support, recognizing the paramount importance of timing and cost-efficiency within the semiconductor industry. We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling your requirements, with the intention of maintaining you as a long-term customer.

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